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Mobility Scooters Dublin

All of our small and mid-size scooters along with our power chairs can be seen, demonstrated and test driven at our showroom in Park West, Dublin 12. If you have any questions about choosing the right mobility scooter then please either call in or contact us on 01 254 4406. We are here to help and we look forward to seeing you.

Home Demonstration Service

We understand that some of our customers maybe unable to visit our showroom which is why we also offer a home demonstration service. Depending on your requirements we can bring different models of mobility scooters to your home so you can see and test drive them before you make a decision. 

Small Mobility Scooters

Our small mobility scooters are light, compact and can be easily disassembled for transportation and storage. Typically they can be disassembled into 4-5 parts and can fit most car boots and back seats. Ideal for someone planning on regularly bringing their mobility scooter from home to other places such as shopping centres, restaurants, family events and holidays.

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Mid-Size Mobility Scooters

Compared to small mobility scooters the larger mid-size mobility scooters are capable of travelling greater distances due to their bigger batteries. They are generally more comfortable to drive as they have larger seats, more space and better suspension. One of the main things to consider when buying a larger scooter is that they generally can't be disassembled easily. Also due to their size you need to consider where it will be stored. 

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Power Chairs

Also called electric wheelchairs the power chairs are more compact and have better maneuverability than mobility scooters.

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Rent a Mobility Scooter 

Sometimes it can be beneficial to rent a mobility scooter before you buy. This can help determine if it's suitable and identify any possible issues or challenges with where or how the mobility scooter will be used. If you then decide to buy the rental cost will be deducted. 

Mobility Scooter Catalogue

If you wish to order a free catalogue of our mobility scooters then please click the link here and we will post one out. 

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