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Mid-Size Mobility Scooters

Compared to small mobility scooters the larger mid-size mobility scooters are capable of travelling greater distances due to their bigger batteries and with more comfort. One of the main things to consider when buying a larger scooter is that they generally can't be disassembled easily. Also due to their size you need to consider where it will be stored. 

Helping you make the right choice

When buying a mobility scooter it's important to choose the mobility scooter that is right for you. We take the time to listen and get a good understanding of your individual needs and requirements in order to provide the best solution for you.

Rent a mobility scooter before you buy

Sometimes it can be beneficial to rent a mobility scooter before you buy. This can help determine if it's suitable and identify any possible issues or challenges with where or how the mobility scooter will be used. If you then decide to buy the rental cost will be deducted. 

Further Range

One of the main advantages that the larger scooters have is that they come with much bigger batteries and therefore can travel a much greater distance. For example the Colt Pursuit comes with 2 x 55 amp batteries which can mean a distance of up to 30 miles /48km. The distance achieved does depend on several factors including the user weight and the terrain that the scooter is being driven on.


Compared to the small scooters the larger scooters come with larger and more comfortable seats. Some models such as the Colt Deluxe also have a head rest for added comfort. Larger wheels and better suspension means a smoother more comfortable drive. Due to their larger overall size there is more leg room than smaller scooters which is something to consider especially if the person is tall.  

Weight Capacity

With larger mobility scooters you also have a greater weight capacity. Smaller scooters generally have a user weight capacity of about 21 stone/136 kg while the larger scooters can have a weight capacity of up to 28 stone/181 kg.

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