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Why use the Knee Walker

Why use the Knee Walker

At one point in life, we may find ourselves recovering from foot or ankle surgeries that may be performed on us for various reasons. The hardest part is the recovery period after the surgery. It becomes difficult to perform simple tasks such as retrieving things and standing with ease. The medical procedure may be successful but one still has a long journey to go towards full recovery. Traditionally crutches would be used to aid in the recovery process but because they are awkward and sore to use and at times can be unsafe they are far from ideal for some people. Thankfully there is a new product called a knee walker which solves these issues and a lot more.

Ease of use

Certainly one of the main reasons and benefits knee walkers can be better than crutches is that the knee walker is very easy to use and involves very little strain on either the lower or upper body. With crutches there is a lot of strain on the arms and shoulders making it very tiresome to use for even short periods of time. The knee walker on the other hand ensures that your weight is more evenly distributed causing little strain on any area of the body.
Non-weight Bearing

Most foot surgeries require the foot to be non-weight bearing during the recovering process. This simply means that the foot must not touch the floor or support any weight. With crutches there is always a risk that the crutch might slip on water causing the foot to fall to the floor. Also you could accidently let your foot touch the floor without thinking. With the knee walker there is no risk of this happening as the leg of your injured foot is securely placed on the knee pad.

Quicker Recovery Process

Because the knee walker is completely non-weight bearing it can help prevent the legs from irritation, strain, and abrasions that can come with the use of the crutches. It offers a relief to a person who finds the crutches intolerable. It reduces the aggravation of the foot or the ankle allowing it to heal faster. For serious conditions, the walkers keep away infections that may slow down the recovery process.

Portability & Storage

The knee walker frame is very light but also very durable. The handlebar can be easily folded making the knee walker quite small and perfect for transporting in the boot of a car, bringing on public transport or storing under your stairs.

If you have any questions on the knee walker or would like to rent or buy one then please contact us on 01 254 4406 or visit our website at www.mobilitydirect.ie

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