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Commonly asked scooter questions

Commonly asked scooter questions

Mobility Scooters - Commonly asked questions


How often and for how long should I charge the batteries?

Batteries should be charged regularly and for a minimum of 8 hours at a time. It’s very important to not allow the batteries to deplete before charging. Not charging the batteries correctly can result in poor performance and/or a shorter battery life.

How far can the scooter travel on a full charge?

One of the most commonly asked questions we have regarding mobility scooters is how far can the scooter travel on a full charge. This will depend on a number of factors but the main ones being the power of the batteries, the user weight of the person driving the scooter and the type of terrain the scooter is being driven on.

The smaller scooters like the Pride Elite Traveller Plus can travel up to 13 miles /21km while larger scooters such as the Pride Colt Pursuit can travel up to 35 miles/56km.

Thankfully on most scooters there is a gauge which shows the level of the battery. As the battery starts to deplete the lights will switch off from right to left similar to a fuel gauge in a car so you will know when the battery is running low. See picture below. 

scooter battery guage


Do I need insurance, tax or license to drive a mobility scooter?

No, currently you don’t need insurance, tax or license to drive a mobility scooter however we do recommend that you purchase insurance. The insurance broker for mobility scooters that we recommend is IFS and they are based in Lucan, Co. Dublin. Premium depends on the value of the scooter but the range is about €100-€150 per annum.



Can these scooters be brought on an aeroplane?

Yes, most mobility scooters can be brought on an aeroplane. You will need to inform the airline when booking. Usually they look for information on the type of scooter you have such as the battery type, weight, length and width. Please note that the newer folding type scooters have lithium batteries and airlines may have different rules or restrictions for those types of scooter batteries.

As a side note we would recommend having travel insurance for your scooter in case of damage during the flight or ground handling.


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What is the user weight capacity?

The smaller scooters such as the Pride Apex Lite have a max user weight capacity of 136kg/21 stone while the larger scooters such as the Pride Colt Deluxe has a max user weight capacity of 181kg/28 stone.




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