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3 tips to protect your scooter batteries

3 tips to protect your scooter batteries

A lot of mobility scooter issues relate to the batteries and oftentimes are caused by not regularly or properly charging them. These 3 easy tips will help increase the life and performance of your mobility scooter batteries.

1. Charge your batteries regularly

By far the most important thing to do when it comes to mobility scooter batteries is to charge them regularly and don't wait for the batteries to deplete before charging. The ideal time to charge them is when they are about 10-15% depleted. We recommend to charge your batteries daily even if you are only using the scooter for short trips. Not charging the batteries regularly or only charging them when they are depleted can can lead to sulfation and this can result in a reduced life cycle and performance of the batteries.

Sulfation is the formation or deposit of lead sulfate on the surface and in the pores of the active material of the batteries’ lead plates. If the sulfation becomes excessive and forms large crystals on the plates, the battery will not operate efficiently and may not work at all. 

2. Allow the batteries to fully charge

When a charger is plugged in it goes through 3 stages and takes at least 8 hours to fully complete. This is regardless of how depleted the batteries are. It is sometimes believed that if you have only used the scooter for a short while then it doesn't need to be charged for a long time but it doesn't work that way.

Interrupting the charging process can reduce the life and performance of the batteries. Also, leading battery manufacturers recommend a 12 hour charge once or twice a month. 

Diagram below shows the three charging phases

Battery charging stages

Source: http://www.chargetek.com

3. Storing your scooter batteries

If you plan on not using your scooter for a while due to a holiday or over the winter period it is recommended to consider the points below:

Fully charge the batteries before storing them
Store them if possible close to room temperature.
Ideally charge them every 4 weeks while in storage

Temperature - Lead acid batteries (used in most mobility scooters) are affected by temperature. If the batteries are too cold or too hot (not usually an issue in Ireland!) this can have an negative impact on the performance of the batteries. Typically batteries perform best around room temperature. This is especially important to consider during the winter months when temperatures can drop to below minus.

Following this few tips will help ensure your mobility scooter batteries last as long as possible and perform as well as they can.

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