Adapted Bathrooms

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The bathroom is the most commonly adapted room in a home, enabling anyone with a disability or mobility issues to maintain their independence and ensure their safety. We all use our bathrooms a lot. It is also the room that can be most difficult to access and use if you have a disability or limited mobility.

Level Access Shower

The most common bathroom adaption that we see is a level access shower. Typically in an existing bathroom this involves removing either the bath tub or raised shower tray and putting in a level access shower tray. Reducing the requirement for the person to step up and/or over something will dramatically reduce the risk of tripping and slipping in what is one of the most hazardous rooms in the home.


Grants are available for adapted bathrooms through your local county council. To apply for a grant you need to firstly get a referral from your GP for an OT (occupational therapist) to come out to the home and do an assessment on the person that will be using the bathroom. They will then provide you with an OT report detailing the requirements and specifications required for the adaptions.

Once you have the report we can come out and do a site survey and provide you with a quote. If you need more information on this then please contact us.

Adapted Bathrooms

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A level access shower is a shower area that doesn't have a step or lip in any way to enter the showering area. This means that people with all levels of mobility can enter the shower, from children through to grandparents and wheelchair users alike.

Removing the bath or a raised shower tray is the first step to creating a level access shower solution. Reducing the requirement for the users to step up and/or over something will dramatically reduce the risk of tripping and slipping in what is one of the most hazardous rooms in the home.

Most level access showers can be completed in a matter of days rather than weeks, depending on the size of the room and the amount of tiling (if any) is required.

Wet Room

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A wet room is an open, waterproof shower room that eliminates the need for a shower tray and screen. The space is made fully waterproof before tiling and all materials used are water resistant, so the whole room can get wet without causing any damage or leaks.

Advantages: Wet rooms are stylish and have a contemporary look, easy to clean, add value to your home and creates more space.

Disadvantages: Wet rooms are expensive mainly due to the amount of tiling and waterproofing required. In small bathrooms you also have to watch out for splashing water so it may be necessary to install a shower screen.

Grab bars & rails

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Grab bars and rails are designed to improve user safety and help with mobility in a variety of tasks in the bathroom and around the home. Grab bars are practical and durable assistive products, which are ideal for the elderly or if mobility is limited, providing confidence and stability for the person.

Although primarily used in the bathroom and toilet, grab rails can be positioned anywhere in and around the home to provide support. Conveniently placed rails will provide help in four ways:

1. to push or pull against when standing up
2. to provide a steadying support while sitting down
3. to provide a firm grip when transferring from one position to another
4. for balance when standing, walking or dressing

A very popular selection this shower seat combines the extra stability of folding armrest with the convenience of padded seat and back. Powder coated stainless steel frame resist rust and provide a strong foundation. Padded cushions seats provide comfort to the user and round smooth edges protects against skin damage.


  • Polypropylene plastic molded seat with drain holes reduces water retention and assist in cleaning
  • Fine adjustment on one leg accomodates shower pan surface irregularities
  • Four hole mounting bracket ensures a secure wall mounting
  • Rubber capped feet prevent slipping and pan surface damage
  • Each armrest pull up and down independently (weight capacity 122 lbs)
  • Drop down angle can be be adjusted to suit the individual
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Height adjustable
  • Plastic seat and back pop off for easy cleaning
  • Will not rust under normal use